19 / 05 2017

Cities: Skylines x86-x64 download free torrent

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Cities: Skylines x86-x64 download free torrent
Cities: Skylines

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Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines this building and city management simulator provides an opportunity to learn and build their own metropolis. As a result of the disappointment in 2013 SimCity, this game is better to take the genre a breath of fresh air. On top of the excellent game, it created quite open to mods by theircommunity, so you can pretty much do it in the simulator you always wanted.

Fashion, fashion, fashion

The first time the City: Skylines, ikawmaaaring be proschenidumaty it is sad repetition of old games SimCity. But show a little perseverance, developers not only learn from theirpredecessors but also add their own ideas and innovation.

To begin with, Cities: Skylines fast you micro your city. You can create specific rules for each city – for example, legal highs and remove the police from the area and see what happens!

If you feelsupplementing Dec. something is missing, you can create your own events, many aboperehlyadaty created by other players. documenting more than 35,000 community created fashion from special buildings such as skate parks, improving traffic AI, and the first person. Modders even createHelicopter events, so you can fly around your city! Do modding Cities: Skylines almost endless possibilities.

Create the city of your dreams

City: Skylineseintlik seem to solve some of the biggest criticisms SimCity. This is most evident in large cities-they may be morethan five times more than the latest creation Maxis. Also, play the right way, and there is included a complete map editor.

Areas fashion and real metropolis – Cities: Skylines give you the tools to the city you want to create.

Cities: Skylines well optimized, so you do notSuper computer should have a good anggame. The graphics are not quite as flash as SimCity, but it’s still a great looking game, even when you zoom in closer to stvorennya.Interfeys intuitively feel, especially if you play similar games like SimCity or CitiesXL.

City and acknowledge you have been waiting for

evenalDit not perfect, Cities: Skylines is the best game of its kind, because excellent SimCity 4. This gives you the freedom and resources to the city you want to build and hinahayaanpamahalaan them as you want. Mod support raises the stakes in terms of something very special.

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