04 / 06 2017

Monopoly Here

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Monopoly Here & Now Edition

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Monopoly Here & Now Edition

Monopoly Here & Now Edition

Monopoly is the most popular and classical board game turned into a computer game that allows you to acquire property and compete with friends to get the most money.

Most people probably have fond memories of the monopoly andother similar games with friends and familyas children. Its combination of classic fun of the board game and capitalism executive meetings constitute a monopoly perfect accompaniment for growth in 1980.

Now MonopoliHere edition of the popular Classics up-to-date, spakovanosa same reliable gameplay and board, with updated locations, utilities,and situations. For example, the city where the four railway lines going into the original games are popular aiprots such as O’Hara InternationalAnd JFK in New York. Traditional monopolies are changed to pay interest on credit cards and the cost of mobile phone services. Amountmoney that is processed at each stage of the game is also quite different. You can buy a property for $ 60As the oldDais!

DizajnMonopol here now immediately known, but includes a number of new features, such as animated characters and actions. In fact, the animation starts to become a little boringafter about five minutes (and I can not deactivate them in the options menu). Musicand sound effects that can infiltrate the game can be turned off, which is fortunate because it irritates after about five seconds.

Other elements monopoliMotioning and auctions are fairly well implemented, although when the computer startsTheUpozorenje window continues to read “Click on the property you want to mortgage”, which may confuse some users to them that there is more to do when it’s not even red.

Monopoly Here NovFun rediscovery of classic games, leaving only a few of repeated animationsand sounds.

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