07 / 06 2017

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick ality RELOADED download

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Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick ality RELOADED download
Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick ality

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Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick ality

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick ality


Name: Rick and Morty Rick Maya-ality

Genre: Violent, Adventure, Indie, Simulation

Developer: Owlchemy Labs

Publisher: Adult Swim Games

Release Date: 20 April 2017

About this game

Rick and Morty moving in your living room

Adventure VR modern Adult Swim Games and Owlchemy Labs (Job

Simulator). Play as a clone Mort, andameneroka Ricks Garage

Smith and external world.

Experience life as a clone Mort and all injuries kommtmit

tse.Krok portal through a strange worldand help Rick with weird

Experiment and use of weapons in VR, to pick up and play

Interaction ready 3D Ek year. Ikutarahan Ricks (or not!)

In order to solve puzzles and perform a variety of tasks in sound



-There is your favorite 2D drawing in 3D. This is Rick and Mort VR! They are now in 3D!

probe, sell, dispose of and solve visual elements as palumbus.

Therefore, it has Cedynia!

-Teleport untukZimmerUnd through the portal.

even-in! You go with the actual feet through a virtual portal!

– You shout at the river and ask yourself.

-Smack Rica in person.

false door-Real!

system requirements

Minimum Requirements: OS: Windows 7 SP1 or newerProzessor: Intel Core i5-4590 equal to or greater Memory: 4GBRAMGraphics: GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon RX 480

Hits: Processor: i7-4770Graphics: GTX 980 matches

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