12 / 06 2017

Slender: The Eight Pages Beta 0 32-Bit

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Slender: The Eight Pages Beta 0

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Slender: The Eight Pages Beta 0

Slender: The Eight Pages Beta 0

Slender – horror first-person game in which your sole purpose – to find eight manuscripts of the slender man, paranormal creature. This follows a previous game called Slenderman, which was based on a similar topic, but there was not so terrible, or successful.

yakgulyatsin Slender

The basic premise of the game is that the more directly you come in contact with a severe man, the faster your sewer drain. So you must be careful not to look at the enemy slishkomI remember shtovash flashlight battery is limited,soyou have from time to time turn it off to save her. In addition, the more you sprint, the lower the maximum stamina, so you need to run only when you need to.

It’s scary?

Slendervydatna cope with the creation of a rather eerie atmosphere for a very simple game. itlike you, your torch and the sound of cricket, Twitter, if you waded through the woods in search of manuscripts. OdnakoObschaya purpose of collecting 8 pages of the manuscript is quite limited, so the gameplay kryhuabmezhavany.

Controls for thegame are simple: Mouse – Look vokrugW, A, S D – PeremeschenieLevyshift – sprintLevaya mouse button – select stranitsyPravy mouse click – fonarikQ E – Increase / decrease in technical problems

zvyarnitsevvagu that you will need WinZip or WinRAR to unpack this game Slender.

Since the Slender iznachalnoVypuscheno, there were a few parts with differentquality degree. We tested them in the state of Softonic, to find out which one is the most terrible, so do not zabudtsesyapraveryts as they passed:


Slender- horror terrible game, which is worth a try if you ever heard of the nicer Slender Man.


Added subtitles to the game ( “Eight pages”)kabadroznits it from future versions.

Improved main menu, and added to his music. Now also has links to information Slender Man and on YouTube.

Added various light sources (unlocked after beating the game once).

dadadenyyatseni (not particularly noticeable, with the exception of litareas).

Your running speed is now increased gradually as the number of pages.

Remoterecovery time after the endurance run / sprint and endurance decline hutkastsivynoslivastsi. if

You start to jog / sprint, but he immediately takes up 5% of yourendurance. This will allow you to run or

Sprint for a much longer period of time, but makes repeated pressing knopkiJog / sprint, causing strength

Very rapidly drained (effectively getting rid of the exploit).

The maximum distance that you can see, is reducedto the extent that, as you collect more pages; That is to say that the problem was similar

dlyalyudey,kotoryeTuman off. For the same reason, Distance Shade can not be disabled.

Added menu option to automatically skip the entry.

Added pause function, but you can pausepause when there is static (that nedazvalyae you pause the game

In response to that, to see the slender man).

Fixed a bug where the flashlight tried to highlight the page on the other side of the wall.

Removed one of the hidden modes (Onbyvtolki a matter of time, because itcontained material protected by copyright).

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