24 / 07 2017

Namebench 1.3 32bit torrent download

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Namebench 1.3 32bit torrent download
Namebench 1.3

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Namebench 1.3

Namebench 1.3

You may not know, but you can choose which service at the address you entered changes to your browser IP numbers, the authentic Internet coordinates.

Most people do not think about it, but it is unbelievable how much difference can veroorsaak.Kragtige, Google recently changed the DNS server service,As you know, is this better? The name can tell you.

Download a simple file and run it and namebench bezMontazh Select either globally (for example, Google insluitDNS) and DNS local service, the data source (most likely, Firefox) and select Benchmark data.

If you mean – do not worry! Everything thatYou really need to do is click on “Start Control Tag” and start Namebench. Tests can neemvir for a long time, but it’s best just leave it at work on your business. The results will appear in your browser and a default chart and table page.She takiZdorovo if you are interested in the details, but this can be confusing for a beginner. Fortunately, topDit is very simple advice if you are using the fastest available service for you.

Namebench – is an attractive little program that deals with the problem that people do not know. This does not help if you want to changeDNS server to toetsing.Om doing this, you will stay alone.

Use the name to see if vyNayshvydshyy get a service – you can get great speed from your work on the net!


The ability to upload and share results online

Version output and DNS hostname inSource HTML (roll)

GUI update

Fast / slow speed switching health check

Available new information arrays (updated Alexa, cache cash cache gaps)

Direct import PPKFayly created by Tcpdump and Wireshark.

The check includes a variety of OARC ports

UpdatedList of servers

Updatedbiblioteek (dnspython, jinja2)

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