Who We Are

PT Kinhamas Abadi is a Jakarta based privately owned procurement and supplier company focused on distribution of structural steel, pipe and its components that used extensively for manufacturing and construction applications in the mining, oil & gas and power generation.

Our expertise includes the entire supply chain management, from sourcing, purchasing, inspection and quality assurance, to shipping and delivery material to the end user’s receiving point.

We constantly focus to build a sustainable competitive advantage in structural steel, pipe, fittings and valves market.

Gudang Commpark

Why Choose Us

Our strong relationships with the largest stockist and manufacturers in local and across the world and expertise in sourcing high quality steel structural material, pipe and components have been the catalysts to our extraordinary growth.

We are now working closely with the largest stocking distributor and manufacturer of steel and pipe in the local and the United States – USA to offer a range of quality industrial steel, pipe and fitting products that meet client’s specification and international’s standards.

Competitive Pricing

We consider our pricing is slightly below competitors to offer better value for similar products to our loyal customers

To establish the competitive market level, we will periodically survey structure of market price to ensure our level of competitiveness in the area of business.

On Time Delivery

On-time delivery is almost always critical to the customer. Therefor we only deal with something that we believe we can do.


We are focusing on four aspects of trust that can serve as the cornerstones for building a solid reputation with our customers: Reliability,  Openness and honesty, Competence, Compassion and caring

Wisma Metropolitan

A Histroy of PT KA

In 2009, from a small room at Wisma Metropolitan, World Trade Centre (WTC) in Sudirman CBD area, Jakarta Indonesia, the company was legally established. Difficulties and obstacles as the impact of global economic recession that also hit the Indonesian economy at the first 5 years period successfully passed.

Over the years, we have consistently developed strong relationships with well known manufacturers and largest stockist in local and overseas as a business partner to get high quality products with a very competitive price. Today is our 7th year in providing support procurement of steel material, pipe and its component to our loyalty customers.