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18 / 07 2017

Sony Vegas Pro 13 torrent
Sony Vegas Pro 13

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Sony Vegas Pro 13

Sony Vegas Pro 13

Designed for full creative control

Vegas Pro 13 NLE is designed with a complete modern creative control. New features include advanced archive tools, sophisticated sound measurement and Vegas Pro connect mobile friend to Ipad ap. Vegas Pro 13 full DVD architect Pro 6, Dolby Digital Professional Encoder and invoegtoepassings are ekinFXHOME, NewBlueFX and IZOTOPE.

Innovative editing tools

Modify SD, HD, 2K and 4K 2D or 3D stereo-optical material, drag and drop-down functionality of 3-point and 4-point radiosDropping point redigeermodusse The Vegas Pro 13 interface provides an impressive array of innovative and thought-provoking tools to achieve a broad range of manufacturing tasks in a fully customizable work area. Within the Nest Vegas Pro timeout project, customize and save keyboard commands and use programskripsies to automate repetitive tasks.

Powerful effects and motor composition

Combine 32 hoëkwaliteitse, keyframeable chain action effects and apply anyoneGebeurtenis,Song, media or project level. The Vegas Pro 13 plugin supports complementary architecture based on OpenFX standard to ensure hundreds of cutting-edge forward-looking effects are developed by Video Effect VFX developers. Parent / child footprints and 2D and 3D modes provide powerful, flexible and complex compositional environment. Shape Shielding Tools and FX Masking makes it easy to zoom out, trimming, and targeting treatments. ShtepselSavpadenie color with a wide range of settingsWith color it allows you to quickly adapt to other color clip features.


Import and export project files and Vegas Pro 13. Projekuitruiling from a wide range of .veg files and Avat ProTools to convert between AAF, Apple Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Pro X (export only), DaVinci Solve for XML to10 and .prproj Adobe After Premiere Pro CC and Effects CC.

New features in version (Build 290)


– (.WMV) DobavenoPodkrepa delivers Windows (.avi),QuickTime (.Mc) and Windows Media Video Video frame sizes up to 4096×4096.

– Add QFHD 24p template design dialog properties, so you can create projects with 3840×2160 size and second frame raamfrekwensie.

-Audio: Added hardness and the newspaper.


Projects Archive.

The first proxy workflow -Add effective mobile editing when using CBK-WA100 / CBK-WA101, using wireless adapter, video download palnomoshtnitsikam inhodei or other server, started proxyIt edits your project through the media, ready to finish the entire resolution when reconnecting media.

-Stroomlyn main toolbar and schedule add editing control toolbar transport and time line underneath.

-Added Vegas Pro to connect. If you are using Vegas Pro, you can use Vegas Pro to use remote control transportation measures to add Vegas timeline and scrubs and add markers.

-And leave Preferences tab to install novda Windows settingsIf you float or you can select the Windows floatOf port, it moved.

– The new machine Video Proxy Ultra HD setup media preferences automatically create video episodes of proxy video files when you choose 4K video for your project.


-addedmetadata (including tydkode) support for reading XAVC S files.

Third comprimering delivery (thin version) support for the XAVC IntraMXF video support.

Highlights repairs / changes in version (Build 310)

RegionsThe error occurred during the start of an accident when some plugins are loaded. The third party (CineForm CFHD, NewBlue ‘Title’ effects includes Camtasia 1 and 2).

It prevents third party applications from improving the age of regional errors. NET as a framework.

This region error can lead to error in Vegas.

They will bring vnosproekti using a regional error file.

Error importing a regionally-defective file importing DaVinci decision missing MetadataTo import

Regional defects voorkomVegas Pro start using the method Register according to the time of installation.

Regional defects misrepresents English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish during installation of the installation and incomplete interface during the translation of Vegas. Please install Vegas Pro 13 localized on this update in English.

* At this time, the English language version of Vegas Pro 13 Vegas Pro 13 is currently in progress and will be released.

System requirements

-Windows7, 8, or operating system (64-bit)

-2 GHz processor (recommended for multicore or multi-CPU recommended for HD or 3D stereo; 8 core for 4K)

-1 GB disk space to install the program

-SSD visokoskorost or multi disk drive 4K media for RAID

-4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended, 16 GB recommended 4K)

-OHCI compatible IEEE-1394DV card (DV and HDV capture and print tape)

-USB connection (import from AVCHD, XDCAM EX, NXCAM- or DVD camcorders)

-Windows-compatible sound card

-DVD-ROMRy(To install from DVD)

Supported CD recording device (for CD burning)

Supported DVD recordable disc (DVD burning)

Warranty BD-R / -Re device (for Blu-Ray Burning Disc)

-GPU acceleration video processing applicationCLide-supported NVIDIA, AMD / ATI or Intel GPU 512MB memory is required; 4K 1GB.

-Microsoft. NET Framework

Apple QuickTime or later to read and write QuickTime files

-Internetverbinding (Gracenote MusicID Service)

Languages: English



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13 / 06 2017

Adobe Pagemaker 7 Torrent Download
Adobe Pagemaker 7

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Adobe Pagemaker 7

Adobe Pagemaker 7

Adobe Pagemaker is the latest version of desktop publishing applications that must be followed. Despite the fact that it is still sold and supported in Adobe, its functions are now covered by InDesign CS4.

This is done to design things for printing, from risalahlaporan and posters, and will also beExport as creating PDF files also. Like most Adobe products, it is a functionally rich program, but is fully accessible to beginners. This makes the template function for work, and is recommended as a way to davedatstsashtoperlu you can do with it.

Adobe Pagemaker originallyWas released in 2002, and this shows that this is the age. It was designed for small businesses and professionals, and although it was enough as a desktop publishing system, the next generation of the program is more suitable for modendunia.

If you are satisfied withDesktop publishing program, you’ll be glad that Pagemaker is still available. However, for most people, no layout is no longer used, since the processing application can tekstavTsyaper untukPrinter page is suitable for amateur and professional design package muchBetter suited for business.

This app is quite viable, but it’s pretty hard to find, and obsolete.


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12 / 06 2017

Slender: The Eight Pages Beta 0 32-Bit & 64-Bit Jackpot Torrent
Slender: The Eight Pages Beta 0

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Slender: The Eight Pages Beta 0

Slender: The Eight Pages Beta 0

Slender – horror first-person game in which your sole purpose – to find eight manuscripts of the slender man, paranormal creature. This follows a previous game called Slenderman, which was based on a similar topic, but there was not so terrible, or successful.

yakgulyatsin Slender

The basic premise of the game is that the more directly you come in contact with a severe man, the faster your sewer drain. So you must be careful not to look at the enemy slishkomI remember shtovash flashlight battery is limited,soyou have from time to time turn it off to save her. In addition, the more you sprint, the lower the maximum stamina, so you need to run only when you need to.

It’s scary?

Slendervydatna cope with the creation of a rather eerie atmosphere for a very simple game. itlike you, your torch and the sound of cricket, Twitter, if you waded through the woods in search of manuscripts. OdnakoObschaya purpose of collecting 8 pages of the manuscript is quite limited, so the gameplay kryhuabmezhavany.

Controls for thegame are simple: Mouse – Look vokrugW, A, S D – PeremeschenieLevyshift – sprintLevaya mouse button – select stranitsyPravy mouse click – fonarikQ E – Increase / decrease in technical problems

zvyarnitsevvagu that you will need WinZip or WinRAR to unpack this game Slender.

Since the Slender iznachalnoVypuscheno, there were a few parts with differentquality degree. We tested them in the state of Softonic, to find out which one is the most terrible, so do not zabudtsesyapraveryts as they passed:


Slender- horror terrible game, which is worth a try if you ever heard of the nicer Slender Man.


Added subtitles to the game ( “Eight pages”)kabadroznits it from future versions.

Improved main menu, and added to his music. Now also has links to information Slender Man and on YouTube.

Added various light sources (unlocked after beating the game once).

dadadenyyatseni (not particularly noticeable, with the exception of litareas).

Your running speed is now increased gradually as the number of pages.

Remoterecovery time after the endurance run / sprint and endurance decline hutkastsivynoslivastsi. if

You start to jog / sprint, but he immediately takes up 5% of yourendurance. This will allow you to run or

Sprint for a much longer period of time, but makes repeated pressing knopkiJog / sprint, causing strength

Very rapidly drained (effectively getting rid of the exploit).

The maximum distance that you can see, is reducedto the extent that, as you collect more pages; That is to say that the problem was similar

dlyalyudey,kotoryeTuman off. For the same reason, Distance Shade can not be disabled.

Added menu option to automatically skip the entry.

Added pause function, but you can pausepause when there is static (that nedazvalyae you pause the game

In response to that, to see the slender man).

Fixed a bug where the flashlight tried to highlight the page on the other side of the wall.

Removed one of the hidden modes (Onbyvtolki a matter of time, because itcontained material protected by copyright).


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04 / 06 2017

Lumion 4.0 FastDL Download Torrent
Lumion 4.0

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Lumion 4.0

Lumion 4.0

Action-3D has announced visual visualization of new Lumion in real time with new animated and object animation movements, windswept grass improvements, SketchUp can import your own files, and increase blur, boost oceans, falling leaves and more,

The introduction of Lumion in 2010, changed the concept of architectural rendering. Since AEC professionals to test for themselves why 3D-experience is no longer needed to create compelling video imaging. EtoNeudivitelno that25 world’s best 100 architects from the worldLumionis used as an indispensable tool for 3D-rendering.

The Lumion version takes things to a whole new level, however, based on well-known usability, quality and speed whipping in the world.

1. Install Lumion (Lumion_4_0_2_LUM4PRO_EliteSoft)

2. Run the Crack folder

3. Gantituan home file (c: windowssystem32driversetc). Add these 2 lines: and

Copy the Crack «Channels» folder in the Lumion installation folder

5. Enjoy!


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03 / 06 2017

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 download free torrent
Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

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Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare athletic third part of the famous plant vs. Zombies game Tower using samecharacters defenseseries.The, evolvingthem 3DGRAPHIC team is nice, but in the end, rather limited in terms of number of maps and game modes.

Record multiplayer and hordes of undead

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare exclusive PC shooter game anonline multiplayer and Xbox 360, as well as localmodena Xbox One. There are two basicgame ways, Garden Ops and multiplayer where you can playAs a zombie, or plant.

The parkOps regime is very similar to the original game, whose goal is to destroy the hordes of zombies. Opmultiplayer play together up to 4 people, with the isashootermixed game defense where you need to protect the station from live attack. Similar versions of iOS and Android, part of your success depends on whichplants are used for firing;

Multiplayer mode takes the form of a classic shooter, offeringtwo different game gardens and cemeteriesAndTim won. Areplayed game of two teams from 12 on12. Initially, the plant has a number of protected sites scattered throughout the map; in the second, the team managed to kill 50 opponents in the first.

PlantsVs Zombies: Garden Warfare hasfour class plants and just as many zombies as we see in the original. Every character skill that imaposebni arewell is correct, and three special moves are unlockable as you level up in the game.

From the main menu, you can access the store,Unlike mobile phone games don’thave to use real money. Here, you can buy special abilities andupgrade different classes of characters.

Controls classic shootwithsimplified

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare revivesthe classicmechanics order shooterusingisto, althoughin it’s easy to them.Characters run (not run) or jump, shoot, use one of three special moves, and excite fallen comrades (useful especially in TeamMusus win).

The setting is fantastic

WrongOne reason why you might find yourself playing and Dark Plants vs Zombies: Garden environmental battles, character animations, and the colors of the game.

Graphics, character letters of the Pixar cartoons and their special kombinacijaso move, make a really nice and unique touch for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

Love, thoughlimited

In the dark and threatening ofhistoric shooters or post-apocalyptic zombies, Plants vs. Zombies, War, offers a unique look, creating a cheerfulatmosphereHis cell phone and adaptingit a perfect success, adding a touch rathermonotonouszhanr.

Disadvantages of Crops vs Zombies: Garden Warfare disappointment of various game modes and maps, which, although well done, Fast bear the genre fans. EA, however, promised early releases for free DLC over Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, maps and game modes.


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29 / 05 2017

CrossFire 2.0 x86 x64 Download
CrossFire 2.0

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CrossFire 2.0

CrossFire 2.0

Crossfire is a multiplayer first-person shooter online (FPS). You can participate online with other players for the team of games.

After the installation, which may take several minutes, you need to choose a baptismal fire screen, and character. There are three options, OMOH Russian military, a member of the British or US SATA. There are several weapons to be enabled. The menus are a bit more complicated, but you do not have to spend too much time unless you want to.

Connect to the serverGame is very simple, however, when you will list games to join ynCyflwynwyd or you can make your own. There are four game modes of Crossfire; Classic deathmatch team, search and destroy, eliminate and Ghost Mode, which is the most innovative. Here one team is hidden and armed with knives, and to sneak around to ddinistriotarged.

Team Deathmatch seems to be the most popular because it offers a quick action shoot. Controls Sutipičan to FPS, and work well. The graphicsAre acceptable, not amazing, meaning baptism works really smoothly on most computers. Multiplayer game free, the wych.Mae’r sound is excellent, and play really enjoyable.

If you fancy shooting some action online, that baptism fits perfectly Account


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11 / 04 2017

Counter Strike Nexon: Zombies FastDL torrent
Counter Strike Nexon: Zombies

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Counter Strike Nexon: Zombies

Counter Strike Nexon: Zombies

Counter Strike Nexon: Zombies essence of CS to fit into the world of the undead. All sorts of zombies, the final boss, including PvP and PvE.

A lot of free content zombies!

Counter Strike Zombies Nexon Although much of the content in the game. nearly 20 Beast Mode, Bazooka Mode, or soccer as it is. Do not like this option? Do not worry: KlasikoaModuak also available, Counter Strike, Bomb Defusal and Hostage Rescue.

Nearly 60 cards (which are many!) Are full of zombies. the final cardthe opening Counter StrikeNexon zombies that you get to tell the story. For a long time any more time to unlock and master. Is simple: classic maps like de_dust you.

Counter weapons StrikeNexon: Zombies is large and diverse. KSG-12 battle rifle to a dual by Infinity Sword. In addition, you can change weapons.

If you want the essence of Zombie Mod + Counterstrike, Nexon will provide that and more. His dedication to the game is admirable,especially if it is updated regularly.

miss zamangrafik

counterGreba Nexon: Zombies problem ‘chart. The game itself is based on relatively old Asian version of Counter Strike. Visually, it is not finished and it really shows. If you’re picky about graphics, they can browse.

Counter Strike Nexon: Zombies worth the download?

Counter Strike Nexon Zombies good, free alternative to the popular Counter Strike daGreba general.

Zombies: By the way, didyou know the origin of Counter Strike Nexon? It all started last year, the rise Strike CounterKerana it is, but most of the young players who do not make money, or Call of Duty 2 and many other games such as Call of Duty 4 What are they doing? Download Counter Strike Source No steam is free (alternative version). No fan of the game modes, new weapons, ezingehitzeko. The officer did not want to look through a few ways to start slowly, zombies mode. Zombie level. Zombiesenemy. All types.

Wolf alternative user mods like this team was born. Some games, such as Counter-Strike Condition Zero, and as the campaign, he drew inspiration from the official version. But Counter Strike Source Steam No zombies have become so popular that it legitles game.

Now, you know where their origins, do not miss: Start Download Counter Strike Nexon: Zombies!


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07 / 04 2017

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas x64 Torrent
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the third 3D game in the GTA series, which measures 80 90 Vice City hip hop cap world of violence and gangsters.

You play as Carl Johnson, returning to his home in Los Santos after five years. Much has changed in recent years, and Charles cares about getting vanreputatie influence and his gang ago. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas gameplay is classic GTA – tons of cinematic cut scenes, many differentmissions and mini-games arranged nabezkoshtovnyy roam sandboxmundo.

What determines the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the largest schaal.Het is very ambitious, situated in a large state with three major cities and many rural areas. The campaign is huge and there is plenty to do nearby. Storyline, rags to riches story could not massively original, but it is well said that a lot of action and great asthe memorable and funny characters. radio stations are excellent, with a great combination of music 90-hee hilarious ad.

There is a point at saanGrand Theft Auto: San Andreas a disappointment for some is going to be. Racing cars in the country can be very tricky, for example, Charles and provide light for swimming underwater takes too much time. Some missions are too little annoying, butThey faded best moments of the game and the amount of fun you can have roaming status enjoy the scenery and create havoc!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas important step to play in the sandbox. It is cruel and very maturelaro, and while it has a streak of gameplay, common functional and fun you can have almost invincible game.


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29 / 03 2017

Ummy Video Downloader 1 64bit download torrent
Ummy Video Downloader 1

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Ummy Video Downloader 1

Ummy Video Downloader 1

If you ever wanted to see the favorite was no internet or video taken from YouTube video for use in presentations, you’re frustrated that you can not download videos from the most popular online video site. Ummah Video Downloader allows you to capture videofrom YouTube to your computer for offline access. It is simple and easy to use, partly because it does offer a very wide range of functions.

What do you mean work

Video Downloader DefnyddioNiUmmet could easier. Open the application and paste the URL-it on YouTubefor your car. Miniature video appears after a while and start downloading.

You can choose to save it as a video file to MP4 format, MP3 audio, mkv, FLV, MOV, or AVI, which includes all the basic features that most of us are familiar with. If it is video file,you can identify the decision to keep the file size manageable. Adding multiple files downloader creuciw videos will be taken soodvetnatared. It really is that simple.

Advantages and disadvantages of simplicity

Since this is a small piece, softfeatured software Video Downloader does not make any requirements Ummah very hard on your computer. However, this prostotaOznacza also consider Hardcore videophiles missing some options that hope. If you have many files you want to download, this process can be a bitslow; eifideos taken by turns at a time. It does not offer a wide range of options formatdatoteka (but includes all of the features most likely), so if you want to convert videos into another format, you need another video editing software. If ładujeszw down the list, you will need to makea film at the same time – Ummah video will only play in the moment. Earlier versions of this software can be downloaded video sharing sites other movies, but movies Dailymotionbellach works just like YouTube.

Another thing to pay attention to dopolnitelniprezemanja relatedwith this program. Selecting the right choice during installation, so you do not end up with komponentówniechciane browser tools or software as a new default search engine. These are not malware, as they are, but they are a nuisance, however.

Download videoswhat do you want

Ummah Video Downloader is a program to download video effectively simple and obvious without external unrhywdeniadol. If you want to download some movies to watch offline, this is an excellent choice because of its simplicity and ease of use.

sposóbJednak kitSoftware options can make the system a little uncomfortable. Of course, keep in mind that the conditions for using YouTube allows illegal downloading, so make sure to download movies where you have permission to do so.


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29 / 01 2017

Rhinoceros 4, flamingo, +Portable Download Torrent
Rhinoceros 4, flamingo,

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Rhinoceros 4, flamingo,

Rhinoceros 4, flamingo,

It includes the following files:

rhino v3


rhino v3

Flamingo SR5


rhino v4


Flamingo –

rhino v4

rhino v4



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