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Custom essay writing has gained prominence among college students globally in the recent years thanks to the advances in information technology and especially internet.Custom essay writing service is a form of outsourcing where one,usually a student,outsources the task of writing academic assignments to another person who is usually an expert in the field.This expert need not necessarily be within the same location with the student but can be located in any corner of the world.The communication between the expert and the student is made possible by specialized virtual custom essay writing companies that act as intermediaries.what the student or client simply does is to place the assignment with an essay writing company with instructions and then the company places the assignment on its virtual platform where professional writers can access it. The bulk of the custom essay writing companies are located in North america and Europe but they use writers from across the globe and especially from India,Philippines,Ukraine and Kenya.Most of these writers are university graduates who find writing online as a worthy occupation owing to the serious unemployment in their countries.But a number of native English speakers also do write full time with some companies where they are especially highly regarded and paid well.With the rise in university education,custom essay writing services will be here to stay.

College students should be focused and make sure the work they are doing is perfect, without grammar spelling mistakes or punctuation within the sentences. The work should also be done in a way that the reader will easily understand the context of the message without any difficulties. In English essay writing, when developing a topic it should follow the main idea and should be interesting to the person reading it. When it comes to paper writing one should make sure that the message is clear to the minds of the people the message is being directed to. In essay writing services needs someone who fully understand the need of providing good quality work because in most cases many people avoid doing research and deliver work that is Plagiarized , which is copy pasting other peoples work and avoiding conducting good research and not providing the references of the books used in they work. Sometime in writing, work is done in small and many paragraphs, but one makes sure that the message supports the idea being delivered. A good writer makes sure that he creates awareness to the audience and chooses a pitch that does not offense or talk down to the reader. In custom essay writing, one should be experienced because you are supposed to deliver original and also quality work without any plagiarism and also organized to make sure one does not confuse the reader. If the customer is satisfied with the work done, he will come back to the company because he will believe they have the best writers who deliver work without any inconvenience.